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digimon's Journal

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Digimon Fanatics
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Calling all DigiDestined!!

If you're a fan of Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, or Digimon Frontier, please join!
digimon is a laid back community, and has few rules should be followed. They are just common sense so it shouldn't be anything too extreme.

  1. Links to images depicting nudity, as long as they are on topic to the community, will be allowed. However, a warning must be placed, or the post will be deleted, no questions asked. Also, if you are posting an image (not a link) of nudity, a Livejournal Cut along with a warning should also be used. This rule will also be held to common sense: we don't really need rampant hentai. Only post it if there's a point to it.

  2. While discussions are perfectly acceptable, if an argument gets out of hand, a moderator may step in. Anything posted clearly for the purpose of trolling will probably be deleted, as well.

  3. Advertising other communities is okay, as long as they are related to Digimon and not an attempt to replace this community. In other words, there only needs to be one "all-topic" Digimon community. And that's us. =)

  4. When posting entries, please don't disable, screen, or delete any comments. Likewise, have fun with fonts and fint sizes, but try not to make them gigantic or completely illegible. Think of the eyes!

Otherwise, you should be free to do what you want and enjoy yourself.
Active Head Maintainer: the_t
Maintainers: krissi, burntoleanders, sage_3
Community Creator: cutequatre aka yoshimistripes
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